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 Commander Build - PVP/PVE

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PostSubject: Commander Build - PVP/PVE   Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:34 pm

First of all, this is my way. It fits me, and this is just for suggestions : ). Since a few are commanders, I might just post my build.

I'm only level 63, but I'll update as I level! If you would like to give me tips on my build, no problem Smile Always room for improvement.

Defender/Job 1 Skills:
Physical Instinct 3/5 - You can get to level 5, but I don't really think its worth it later on.
Rush Level 3 - 30m range is the max range for most casters, this is mainly for PVP. (You can get level 1 if you don't PVP)
Taunt Level 1 - You just need rank one to tank. Just spam it : )
Physical Blessing Level 1 - Filler.
Fighting Will Level 1 - Filler. You don't need the Accuracy.
Skin of Stone Level 5 - Always, always get this. It will ALWAYS help.
Shield Mastery Level 1 - Filler for me. You can actually get this to level 5. Its better for Commanders then Protectors.
Beam Slash Level 1 - Just to pull.
One-Handed Mastery Level 5 - Very good for commanders.
Restraint Rescission Level 1 - 50% Chance, not worth leveling up. Good for PVP.
Quick Attack - A must get to level 5 until level 70. Reskill at level 70 for Seal of Legerity
Shield Fortress Level 5 - Must have, great for solo grinding, and tanking as Commander
Shield Strike Level 3 - 3 Second stun, upgrading this won't add how much longer the stun last.
Spiritual Intensification Level 5 - You don't have to get to level 5, but I think this skill is nice to have for PVE.
Boomerang of Sword Aura Level 6 - I AoE a lot, and it's my primary spell to use (Other then auto attack).
Chain of Restraint (Level 4/5) - Again, this is great for PVP. You can skip this up if you want.
Face Strike Level 5 - 9 second silence, 7 second cool down. Mainly for PVP. (Who doesn't like this?)
Taunting Cry Level 1 - AoE taunt, like Taunt. You don't need to level this up.

Commander Skill:
Always get Seal of Legerity, Adamant Mind, and Moonlight Slash.
You can skip Instant Moving, its pretty much worthless.

Strengthen Skin of Stone (Level 5)

(Theres not much DNAs for commander, because most of them are bad. You can swap any out, but always have Strengthened Skin of Stone.)

Strengthened Shield Fortress
Accuracy of Shield Strike
Accuracy of Restraint Rescission
Extended Shield Fortress

These are my fillers.

I will add more details later, but its new years! Let me enjoy it! :p
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Commander Build - PVP/PVE
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