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 Shadow Runner, the musical

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PostSubject: Shadow Runner, the musical   Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:19 pm

So, after all my songs and dances, hemming and hawing, about which way to go, I decided to take Vaanessa Shadow Runner. She'll probably be mostly better in party or 1v1, than group kills by herself (my run away button is hawt and rarin' to go...lmao). She is definitely bent towards range, but can and likes to melee the crap outta stuff too. Just, not as good as some others. Wink

Not my whole build, but a small part of it:

Main Skills:
Home Thrust - 5
Joint Strike - 5 + dna
Deadly Strike - 1
Explosive Arrow - 1
Forward Dash - 5

Dual Swords - 5
Quick Attack - 5 + DNA
Long Range Mastery - 4 + DNA(more at lvl 52ish)
Fighting Will - 5 (eventually may reskill out of most of this and take Retreat) + DNA
Instant Accel - 5

I don't remember what I took for filler. That 1st level Rogue attack.

My general solo plan is:
Explosive arrow and follow up arrows til they get to me.
Joint Strike
Home Thrust
Deadly Strike (depends on if HT hits)
Forward Dash away
More bolt action
Explosive arrow
HT if needed
Keep backing away and boting enemy, being careful to not back into more mobs.

Usually they go down pretty quick, especially if I crit with one or both parts of Explosive Arrow (it fires 2 bolts, one explosive and one standard).
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Shadow Runner, the musical
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