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 Templar : Cyclone's pvp build

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PostSubject: Templar : Cyclone's pvp build   Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:54 am

hiya my "Camping at lv49 kill other people fast guide" (works for me ^^)

Elec Bolt MAX asap
Rejuvenation MAX + DNA
Ion shield 1 (Filler)
Concentration 3
lesser heal 1 (filler)
Salvation 1 (get it or not your choise ,i took it cause i like to revive my buddy's =p)
Sleep MAX asap
Godly mirror MAX + DNA
Blunt strike 3
Elec Twister MAX + DNA (my highest damage dealing skill and Aoe)
Divine protection 5
Holy bolt 5
Elec shock 1
Blessed revelation 1
Glaring light 1

you got some points left spend em in whatever you like Wink
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Templar : Cyclone's pvp build
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