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 Tech's Guide to Inferno Druid

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PostSubject: Tech's Guide to Inferno Druid   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:15 pm

Greetings Carnage members,

Before anything, this is the first guide I have ever written and it may be lacking alot , but if you have a question or comment don't be afraid to ask.

As some of you may already know me and some of you might not. Let me introduce myself a bit....

I'm currently a level 62 Knuckle Druid - Inferno Form (with only lvl 3 doomguard and lvl 1 taunt for emergency tanking)

I was using an old aoe / inferno skill build until this morning when I reskilled into an EXTREMELY efficient killing machine which I was shocked could hold out so well.

In this guide I am going to list the skills and appropriate DNA choices to choose so if you want you may follow this build.

The whole focus of this Inferno build has both pros and cons which I will list.

Pros = Great Damage, Fast Movement speed, plenty of self healing to reduce times sitting.

Cons = totally dependent upon having max revenge telekinesis and magic counter attack on at all times, sucks in aoe

The Inferno form is one of 2 forms the druid may undertake at level 52 and it is also the primary attack option unless you are more tank oriented. Your magic skills still won't be anywhere near as effective as any other caster but your physical attack and killing speed can be that of an assassin or even greater depending on your gear.

Here are the skills I chose to reskill into and why....

BM Skills: These are chosen solely for the fact that this is a 1v1 Inferno form and due to having to melee attack the enemy as your primary attack instead of skill spamming you will be spending ALOT of time sitting down unless you get extremely lucky and dodge alot and reflect every single attack resulting in minimal damage received.

I have maxed every heal spell for the BM possible to eliminate a huge amount of downtime which results in almost non stop killing.

DNA Choices were made based upon usability for grinding sessions (This character is geared and skilled solely for PVE)

Max Vilovy is great when traveling and saves you using a DNA slot on Approach (You can use its DNA instead of instant or natural healing)

All of the other skills are purely fillers designed for you to achieve the req. skill mastery to unlock the other skills

Lightning Chill Slash - 2
Lightning Chill Throw - 2
Fairy's Protection - 1
Approach - 5
Awakening - 5 + DNA
Natural Healing - 5 - DNA
Contract with Vilovy - 5
Instant Healing - 5 +DNA
Magic Counterattack - 5 + DNA
Wave of Healing - 4
Revenge Telekinesis - 5 + DNA
Cry of Will -2
Armor Mastery - 1

Druid Skills:

Contract with Doomguard - 3
Taunting Cry - 1

Contract with Inferno - 3
Swift Arm - 3
Storm Slash - 1

Most people tell me I'm crazy for not putting points into the other skills for Inferno, when in all practicality it is a pure melee class that works best with Auto Attack. Swift arm is great to use when your intensification buff wears out saving you time of switching forms to rebuff.

After all those skills you are left with 5 skill points at lvl 62 to choose whatever other skills you want. Some people prefer to max out Rage of Bugs, while others prefer to either max out one of the BM stuns or Add points into Inferno's other skills.

Well thats my Characters Build currently. If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to post!
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Tech's Guide to Inferno Druid
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