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 Everything and Nothing

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PostSubject: Everything and Nothing   Fri May 01, 2009 9:30 pm

Starting, I'd like to make a point it's not about the whole situation - I have only superficial knowledga about what happened - and as far as I know the subject, I can understand both sides of the conflict.

I ask everybody not to feel offended by what I might say here.

My leaving isn't a direct result of the whole dispute.

Firstly, my priority was always playing together with Dix. When she moved her then main to other guild, playing together proved very hard. In fact - with this character - it stopped. Whole situation brought a bit of bad blood between us. Now, when she moved her other characters I decided to go with her since she's my close friend and I don't want to be left out of some activities of hers.

Secondly, I've been long in Carnage, and I've met here many wonderful people whom I may call more than acquitances, even friends. But time flew, many of those people changed guilds or left the game (there was a moment when many people were coming and going). Then, I got a job, which drastically cut my game time. With my long stretches of not being able to play, and being able to play only for short periods, I grew distant from the community and so called newer members.

When Dix moved her main from Carnage, I remained - mostly because of those people. And, jokingly, because I was quite angry with her about doing something so abruptly and not telling me beforehand. To put it simply: my connection to the guild 'family' has been weakened and I woke to the reality of hardly knowing most of the people here.

Please, don't get offended. I didn't have time to get to know you - wouldn't have time even - and that's something I can't escape. To friends, acquitances and all the rest: I hope we can stay in touch and there will be no hard feelings between us.

Raven and Chelly, I hope you won't be angry with me, at least not forever. It was a pleasure knowing you Smile I wish you that you will be able recreate Carnage just like I remember it from the beginnings Smile or keeping it this way still - because it might have not changed from what I remember but it was me, who grew distant.

Bye Smile

(*will try to stay on forums for a bit*)
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Everything and Nothing
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