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 My Tempest-Caster Biuld

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PostSubject: My Tempest-Caster Biuld   Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:54 pm

Ive seen many different oppinions on how a Templar should level up to be a Tempest and my biuld seems to slightly disagree with the most of them.
Ill tell you why, and why it makes sense in my head Razz

I think for my experience in other mmorpgs that a caster should be that kind of character who grind many mobs at the same time without being dependant of party.
To do that, the char need to have good AoE spells, a moderate defense and some regeneration.
I did my tempest to handle an average damage before put mobs asleep, regenerating HP after that and doing a good AoE Damage Per Second.

Im at level50 now, check my biuld and what i think of it

My AoE spells:

Sleep lvl5
Glaring Light lvl3
Lightning Restraint lvl1
Holy Light lvl1

One target spell:

Elec Bolt lvl5

Defensive skills/buffs:

Ion Shield lvl5 / Str DNA lvl5
Survival Instinct lvl5 / Str DNA lvl5
Godly Mirror lvl5 / Accuracy DNA lvl5

Regeneration Skills/Buffs:

Concentration lvl5 / Str DNA lvl5
Rejuvenation lvl5 / Str DNA lvl5
Blessed Revelation lvl3

Other Skills (fillers):

You can choose anything you want. I recommend healing skills and Salvation.

When i leveled up to 50 i didnt wanted Lightning Mastery. Why?
I am betting on DPS, defense and regeneration.
I didnt want it because it would only be applied to my Elec Bolt, and because that i think its a waste. It may be useful if you have more skills like Charged Bolt, Elec Twister and Elec Shock.
I didnt wanted Elec Twister because later AoE's give a lot more damage. I know that Int increase the damage and is an instant but it has slow cooldown and i wanted to have 3 AoE damage only. I think 4 its too much. I chose to have other skills instead.
Why not more healing?
Other healing than Rejuvenation arent instants. If i sleep the mobs and start heal myself with heals of 1.5sec, i barely have time to do 2 AoE skills before sleep goes off Neutral besides, i didnt wanted a full defensive suportive char. When i have time to strike, ill do it well and nicely while i regenerate HP - As an instant healing, i can always cast it when i want to, even when im kiting mobs Wink

When i level up more i want to have more points in Blessed Revelation and AoEs.

Well ive done the character this way and i can grind without any problems. Of course there is more oppinions, more biulds. This is mine and i dont regret to do it Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: My Tempest-Caster Biuld   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:21 pm

I like what your saying here Spiral =]

Do how YOU want not like others WANT you to be ^_^

Build looks good to me.

I can see what your meaning by the healing part though, and by the video i saw, you dont have much problems killing anyway =D


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PostSubject: Re: My Tempest-Caster Biuld   Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:45 am

im wearing fortis shilvara with full int - maybe im doing it wrong.
ill try to get as many level 50 equips i can get, reinforce with HP or Mind and see how it looks like
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PostSubject: Re: My Tempest-Caster Biuld   

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My Tempest-Caster Biuld
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